Advertising Plans - How They Work

Buck-A-Roo Plan

Tri-Ads The Buck-A-Roo Plan plan is a $15 pre-funded advertising plan. The plan will auto-purchase one point per day at one dollar per point. The points are then auto-assigned to your 125 x 125 Buck-A-Roo PTC Banner(s)

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Tri-Ad Plans

Tri-Ads's carries Five different plans. These plans range from .30 up to $50 and a $75 Daily subscription plan.

Each of these plans was carefully designed to help you maximize your advertising efforts. The .30 plan is briefly described in the next section (below). The Four main plans are described here.

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Thirty (.30) Cent Plan

The Starter Plan that anyone can afford.
Each thirty cent purchase gets you thirty advertising points for
banner ads, text ads, surf ads and more.

Your purchase also places you into a series of ten 1x5 straight lines
which could potentially turn your cents in to advertising dollars.

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Each Tri-Ad Advertising Plan

Gets you, on average, 100 advertising points per $1.00 spent.

We also offer Entry Ads and Tri-Ads (Solo / Surf / Social). These plans are discussed here along with what you can do with your Tri-Ad points. You can earn additional advertising points without ever spending anything but time clicking on member advertising and using our state of the art Tri-Surf Traffic Engine.

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