Welcome to Buck-A-Roo!


Your $15 purchase will give you a total of 15 points over a period of 15 days. These points will be automatically assigned each day to your existing Buck-A-Roo ads. Your ad will be shown on the Buck-A-Roo PTC grid as long as there is a point assigned to your ad on that day.

The plan is a series of 1x5 straightlines that are designed to provides the following as they cycle;

Phase One - $1.00 x 5 = 5.00
$2.00 Cash Rewards
$1.00 Buck-A-Roo Sub Rewards
$2.00 Phase Two

Phase Two - $2.00 x 5 = $10.00
$2.00 Cash Rewards
$2.00 Buck-A-Roo Sub Rewards
$1.00 to Team Prize Grid.
$5.00 to Phase Three

Phase Three - $5.00 x 5= 25.00
$5.00 Cash Rewards
$3.00 (10) Tri-30’s
$2.00 Team Prize Grid
$5.00 Buck-A-Roo Sub Rewards
$10.00 Phase Four

Phase Four - $10.00 x 5= 50.00
$10.00 Cash Rewards
$6.00 (20) Tri-30’s
$2.00 Buck-A-Roo Sub Rewards
$2.00 Team Prize Grid
$5.00 Enroller Cash Reward
$25.00 Phase Five

Phase Five - $25.00 x 5 = 125.00
$20.00 Cash Rewards
$30.00 (100) Tri-30’s
$10.00 Daily Sub Plan
$5.00 Team Prize Grid
$60.00 Phase 6

Phase Six - $60.00 x 5= 300.00
$100 Cash Reward
$30.00 (100) Tri-30’s
$50 Explosion Plan
$25 Charger Plan
$10 Booster Plan
$75 15 Day Sub Plan Ad Package
$10.00 Team Prize Grid


Each clicked ad forwards you to an advertisement set to a timer. The timer is based on your Membership Level.

Free Member: 12 Seconds
1st Lvl Upgrade: 10 Seconds
2nd Lvl Upgrade: 8 Seconds

You will always be awarded something for viewing the advertisements on the Buck-A-Roo Team Grid Page.

There will be some simple guidelines to follow in order to qualify for these rewards;

You can ONLY use one window, tab, browser, computer, etc. at a time.
There will be safeguards in place to help ensure compliance.
Should a surfer discover ways to 'beat' or 'cheat' the system, it needs to be reported via a support ticket and NOT exploited.

Anyone found exploiting the system in any way will be removed from Tri-Ads REGARDLESS of their account status.

How it Works
- Click one of the 125x125 banner ads
- A page will pop up with a bar at the top
- In the bar there will be a timer
- When the timer counts down four (4) images will appear
- Click the Arrow to continue, it will be in a random location each time
- The system will reveal if you won cash ( each reward varies per successful view )
- Close that window (or tab) and move on to another ad (if available)
- You can only click on available ads once per calendar day