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Fort Ad Pays


Fort Ad Pays What is it?
Fort Ad Pays is an advertising network. The company was founded in November 2014 by Mr. Pedro Fort Spain.
The advertising agency is very young so we do not hear much about it. Despite this many people start joining every day at Fort Ad Country and have positive reviews.

What offers Fort Ad Pays?
Like most advertising agencies, Fort Ad Pays offers click on banner ads to earn money.
You should know that there are several differences between Fort Ad Pay and other advertising companies like Profits25, BoomDirect, Méoclick, etc ..

-You Just need to do 4 clicks per day on banner ads and wait 10 seconds for your click is validated.

- Gains are also easier and faster to recover (1/2 hours after your transfer request). For this it is enough to have a Payza account that everyone can open.

Fort Ad Pays packs
To start with Fort Ad Pays you must buy advertising packages.
1 Pack: Pack at $ 1 which gives you $ 2,2
2 Pack: Pack at $ 3 which gives you $ 6,6
3rd Pack: Pack $ 10 which gives you $ 22

Even if sponsorship is not required this will help you increase your revenue
Your first level of sponsorship will earn you 8%
Your second sponsorship level will earn you 4%
Your third sponsorship level will earn you 2%
Your 4th sponsorship level will earn you 1%
Your 5th sponsorship level will earn you 5%

As earnings are rising quickly in Fort Ad Pays you can start with 1, 2, 3 etc. $ as you like without taking too many risks.

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